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We'd love your paper cranes to fly to Japan with us!


Don't know how to fold a paper crane? Watch our

"How To" video to the right!


Our project will continue until we reach our 1 million crane goal...

and, it will not stop there. As we evolve and grow, we will enjoy

seeing what appears next on the horizon of our adventure together.

So, keep folding!


Send Paper Cranes to:

In the Folds of Peace

P.O. Box 1942

Santa Fe, NM 87504


Cranes should be sent to arrive by August 15, 2019.


Send your cranes even after that date, they may still make this year's

flight to Japan. If they miss this year's flight, we'll add them to next year's

migration. All cranes will fulfill their purpose of expressing your wishes

and for our desire to generate peace and connection in the world.

Thank you!

Rick Allred

Founder; In the Folds of Peace


We support communities and classrooms in learning about "Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes" and teach how to fold paper cranes. We greatly appreciate any support to cover the costs of origami paper, transporting our growing flock to Japan,  and supporting the peace museums there. If it calls to you, send donations, cranes, origami paper or well-wishes.


We graciously thank you!

In the Folds of Peace

Send donations, origami paper, etc. to:

In the Folds of Peace

P.O. Box 1942

Santa Fe, NM 87504

Success! Message received.

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