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When we began this project, we didn't realize the kind of impact it might have. Our friend Yoshiko, who was born and raised in Japan, said, "It's a beautiful project. I don't think you realize how big it is going to get... especially coming from the United States." That was moving. Then Yoshiko's parents flew from Japan for a visit. Her father saw the box of cranes we had folded. When we described why we created this project, he stood there for a moment nodding and then said, "As a Japanese person, I thank you for doing this project." That is one of many times that tears have flowed as "In the Folds of Peace" has progressed.

August 2017:

Our first trip to Hiroshima, Japan for Peace Day, August 6, 2017. We escorted 10,228 paper cranes to the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima and donated $600 to the Peace Memorial Museum. The paper cranes came from all across the United Stated, Ecuador, and Japan.

December 2017:

Rick attended Yoshiko's wedding in Osaka, Japan. While accompanying friends to Miyajima Island, they chose an unplanned side trip to the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima. With some quick folding on the train and teaching his friends how to fold their first paper crane, 55 more cranes were added to the flock.

August 2018:

We escorted 35,055 cranes to the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima. We met Katsunobu Hamaoka – the Deputy Director of the Peace Memorial Museum; we donated $600 to the museum, and we were interviewed by a local Hiroshima newspaper. We were also honored that Mr. Hamaoka and his translator, Kahori Wada, graciously helped us deliver and hang all of the cranes at the Children's Peace Monument at the park... causing a bit of a pleasant commotion among the tourists who were there. Approximately 15,000 cranes came from members of

Current tally of delivered paper cranes: 45,338!

2019: This year's migration will happen in early September. We'd love your paper cranes to join our flock!

In the Folds of Peace

P.O. Box 1942

Santa Fe, NM 87504

Check out "Our Invitation" page; learn how to fold a paper crane (or two... or a thousand :-); write a wish in or on the cranes, if you'd like; and send them to join our flock for this year's migration.

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The Flock Grows...

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